Boat repossession

If you are having difficulties trying to collect on a debt or judgment, it may be time to take it to the next level.  United Towing Repossessions focuses on some of the most advanced collection efforts, including boat repossessions. If you have a client who has defaulted on a loan for a boat or other type of watercraft, let our repossession experts help you seize the property back safely and swiftly.

Boat repossession Pittsburgh, PAOnce you hire United Towing Repossessions for repossession services we will get right to work with gathering pertinent information about how to track down the client and the boat. Repossessing a watercraft can be tricky, because the boat can be stored away inside any garage or building, or it can be docked or in use at any area lake or reservoir. Our team of recovery experts will pursue every avenue to find the boat and recover it properly.

United Towing Repossessions’s team has been trained to professionally handle confrontation with debtors in a safe and effective manner. All of our agents are licensed and insured as well as knowledgeable about the repossession laws, per the surrounding counties and states. Our repossession agents have the permits needed to legally and effectively uphold repossessions, this includes filing the proper paperwork with the courts if necessary and having the original debt information at hand. The exact model and VIN number of the boat is important to have before executing a boat repossession. In some cases, skip tracing techniques including contacting co-signers, neighbors and friends are all part of the investigative process. If a particular repossession is difficult or challenging, it may involve several hours or several days of surveillance and careful tracking measures.

Boat repossessions involve seizing property that may be damaged or misused. In some cases, the property may not be in working order. After we evaluate and inspect the watercraft, we will assure that the boat is loaded onto the trailer and seized safely. If damages are present, we will include photographs and notations that will be immediately passed on to you for personal or insurance purposes. United Towing Repossessions takes great care and pride in making sure that the entire repossession process runs smoothly.

As a reputable company, we also offer fast and reliable towing service in the area. Call us today at (412) 371-1149 if you are located within Pittsburgh, PA and we will answer all the questions you have, regarding our services.